Thursday, August 26, 2010

What the heck

.. is happening to the Philippines?! Or wait. Should I say the people in it?! Well apparently, nadadamay ang name ng beloved country natin! The hostage taking shit was very.. very.. VERY SHAMEFUL!!!

To the Cantonese people.. who only wanted to have fun and be happy.. a vacation in the Philippines is all they ever wanted.. My poor poor cantonese people. In behalf of the epic fail my countrymen gave you.. I wanted to apologize.. Nahihiya ako. Sorry!..

Dear Philippines..

You are sick. Very very sick. GET WELL SOON, my dearest country..

If only there was something I can do to help you change for the better.

Dear Lord..

Can I please be superwoman? Even just for a day? The world needs change. I think the world needs me.




Saturday, August 14, 2010

Run the Show

HELLO WORLD. I'm dedicating this entry to a very special person in my life. :) I want every people who reads this blog to meet my greatest inspiration (next to the Philippine Allstars) in dancing. GIO GAHOL. :) I met him last summer of 2010. He is now my dance coach at ADS. I like all of his choreographies. 'Coz he teaches not only dancing, but something deeper. He was the person who made me fall inlove with Jazzfunk. And he's one of the nicest person I've ever met. Here is one of his choreography. Taken just this day. August 14,2010. :)

(excuse the video's bad quality. i forgot to bring my camera. so apparently i had to use my laptop's bulok webcam instead. sorryy! :D)

So yea. It's his birthday tomorrow! :) I won't be able to see him tomorrow. So I bought him a box of brownies as a birthday gift. I came to the studio a little early. Gio was there. And greeted me with a "Wow. May sakit ka ba?" And yeah.. For some reason I thought I was sick. Because sually, okayy.. Not usually. But ALWAYS! Haha! I always come to the studio late. Usually, 30 minutes late. Sometimes, 45 minutes late. Hahaha! I was always late like sheeshh! So yeahh talagang nagulat talaga siya kanina. I said, "Wala akong sakit, baliw. HAPPY 'ALMOST-BIRTHDAY' GIO!" He then thanked me and. Damn. His sweet smile was just enough. :) Just look at that smile above. Isn't that just the sweetest thing on earth? :)

I love you and I love dancing with you. and I won't stop..
I will dance. With you. ♥
As long as I can.. Until my body wouldn't let me.. :)

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Close the wallet..

.. and my ATM.

Damnit. I'm so broke right now. :(
Everytime I try my hardest to NOT spend.. I FAIL. x(
Few days.. I save money.. But ALWAYS end up wasting it
on the most USELESS stuff possible.

One time..

I tried saving spare changes and coins via coin bank. I make sure the lids are very tight that it can't be opened.
But gaahd! :| It still won't work. I'll end up getting and making sungkit the coins by poking the coin bank hole with something flat like a cutter, a ruler, or a random piece of thick paper.


Aaaahhhh!!!! HELP! :|

The girl in my mirror..

Hello, world! Goodmorning Philippines! :)
Okayyy. So today, I'll be posting a poem I made myself. :)
"Death Note".
Apparently, a product of boredom + insomnia.
It feels good to finish this poem.
It's been a long time since I last wrote and finished one..
3 years ago, I think :)
Enjoy! :)

i once saw this girl.. she was staring blankly at the mirror..
then she walked into the bathroom and locked the door..
i barely recognized her face, and i dont know what she's doing
*tik tok tik tok*.. the clock told me. it was 3:43 in the morning.

i heard this noise from the bathroom she was in..
i heard nothing but her, and her painful cursing and crying
i heard the mirror glass slowly breaking
and then i heard no more, silence was conquering..

i heard this dropping sound on the floor..
she screamed and shouted, "i can't take this anymore!!!"
i wish i could save her, but there was nothing i can do..
black was everywhere.. the next thing i knew..

she opened her eyes, things were unclear and blurry..
she heard the voice of her mommy and daddy
she wanted to speak, but they cant seem to hear..
she wanted to shout, but all that's inside her is fear..

she woke up and realized she was on the hospital bed..
and then her blurry vision saw a lady in white and said
"honey you slashed your wrist and hit your head on the ground..
blood was all over you, when you were found."

she rested.. and rested.. and gave herself a break.
she realized that the problem she thought she can never take..
..can never be solved by the smiles she fake..
she got well, just a few days after, and never made the same mistake..

few years passed.. now, everything's just a scary memory.
she became happy, and the world gave her clarity..
but everytime i look in the mirror, i s
the very same girl i saw.. at 3:43..

Wednesday, July 21, 2010


Hi world. Looky! This is a shot of me way backk (2 years ago, I believe). Just look at me..

I know right. Like what the crap happened to my face now. XD Haha. Just playing.

But like yeahh.. I'm missing this.. Not the very nice straight hair.. or the strong look on her face.. and the fierce poses she projects.. Actually, not really the "her" that I miss, but the person I thought she was..

Hello Eunice. Nasan ka na? :